Forrest Bathing

Did you hear the newest scientific Study, that Forrest Bathing is good for your soul?

That we have to go outside, surrounded by trees and grasses and fresh air. Just walking is enough to have significant lower stress levels. They studied Cortisol levels and sleep patterns.

They started workshops and classes for Forrest bathing in Japan . You can sign up for lead nature walks to get your dose of fresh air and connection to nature. They are selling apps, which remind you to go outside and apps which lead you through your walk. You have to pay real money for it – of course.

I wish, I would have had the idea to market that. Some good money could have been made.

2018-01-01 Wlak the doggies 054

Too late, I guess:

So I’ll give it out for free:

Drop your iPad, Phone, Tech Gadget, or whatever.
Plug it in the charger and leave it there.
Next get some shoes, Jackets, Kids and Dogs, whatever you need.

And last but not least



Ps.: if you want to pay me some money, I’d be totally willing to be your guide 🙂

I love Rocco!

Who is Rocco? Rocco is our newest addition to the family. He helps cleaning up, is relatively quiet, get’s up and in bed on it’s own. He feeds himself, does not fall down the stairs and stays out of rooms, when I tell him to. The kids love him and even take care of him on their own. Altogether he is pretty easy to take care of.

Who is Rocco? Rocco is our new iRomba and I am so glad we decided to finally get the little vacuum. I had been looking at those robot vacuums for quite a while, especially after getting the hardwood floors. With the dogs shedding, two little kids running in and out in the yard, I should have vacuumed the floors at least once a day, but then just watched the dust bunnies grow underneath the side tables and all over the place. Since we got Rocco ( name was given by the kids), I have the feeling I have a live in Housekeeper and can focus my cleaning frustration elsewhere. Of course it does not take all the responsibility of vacuuming and cleaning the floors, but it makes me feel a lot better not having to worry about it very day. No, I’m not OCD – at least not too much-, but it calms me down quite a lot. I have to clean the stairs and some corners, but it makes the every day clean so much easier. You just program it to vacuum while you are gone and you don’t even have to hear it.

My kids even clan out the dust collection bin and carry him up and down the stairs as needed – without me prompting. My husband likes it, because it’s a nice new tech gadget and I enjoy the help.

So, No, I don’t get any promotion and I won’t post a link here, but I really like this little gadget and thought I’d just give it a shout out. There are some posts about Rombas carrying around Dog or cat poop or anything wet, but I haven’t encountered anything as bad yet and think that the algorithm in those little robots is already advanced enough to pause the cleaning and send you a notice on your phone.

All together as of now, I am glad we spent the money and have this super helpful new family member!