Forrest Bathing

Did you hear the newest scientific Study, that Forrest Bathing is good for your soul?

That we have to go outside, surrounded by trees and grasses and fresh air. Just walking is enough to have significant lower stress levels. They studied Cortisol levels and sleep patterns.

They started workshops and classes for Forrest bathing in Japan . You can sign up for lead nature walks to get your dose of fresh air and connection to nature. They are selling apps, which remind you to go outside and apps which lead you through your walk. You have to pay real money for it – of course.

I wish, I would have had the idea to market that. Some good money could have been made.

2018-01-01 Wlak the doggies 054

Too late, I guess:

So I’ll give it out for free:

Drop your iPad, Phone, Tech Gadget, or whatever.
Plug it in the charger and leave it there.
Next get some shoes, Jackets, Kids and Dogs, whatever you need.

And last but not least



Ps.: if you want to pay me some money, I’d be totally willing to be your guide 🙂

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