I’m outing myself here as hard-core Science Fiction Fan and believer in the existence of Aliens. No, I’m not talking about little green men or Spock like creatures. We are turning into the latter one ourselves (see “A calm Brain” by Gayatri Devi: our frontal cortex will take over). No, I have never seen a UFO except in movies and have not been abducted.

Bumr-spockt I cannot fathom that we should be the only “intelligent” species in this vast universe, but chances that we’ll ever encounter others are slim. Be it that they exist either in such a great distance from us, or existed in the past or will exist in the future, but also maybe we don’t even realize their intelligence, because it is so vastly different from our event horizon.

Did you read Ender’s game? Watch the movie maybe? But did you know that there exists a whole other universe in books after that first one? Some things might be a bit farfetched, but it’s a good example of our inability to even imagine life other than ours. How should we, who are not even able to accept other cultures, religions, traditions than our own, accept the concept of a totally alien existence? Different values, thinking, basic genetic buildup, different atmosphere, everything different from what we know and see might make it just plain impossible to even realize there is another presence out there.

What are the chances that there was one race before us “seeding” the universe with genetic copies of themselves, so we might even encounter human like aliens. But if we do, how should we get over the fact that their evolution must have been so vastly different from ours, just thinking of all the microbioms around us. War of the worlds was an awful movie, but it might be right in the regard that those little microbes around us, might be just what kills any alien visiting us, or what would kill us visiting other planets.

And one of the best cartoons I know is Calvin and Hobbes anyways:

Calvin and Hobbes


To end with this: Let’s take care of our own world first before we try to conquer others.

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